Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Red Rising

That great savior of the Bolivar revolution, Hugo Chavez, has announced that he is planning to go ahead with steps to transform Venezuela into the Socialist Republic of Venezuela. Although, I'm going to guess he is going to give the people a choice between the title being the Socialist Republic or the Peoples Republic, him being of the people and all (personally I like the Peoples Republic, it confuses us dumbed down Westerners).

In his inaugural speech Chavez outlined many of his new plans for enacting "Bolivarian Socialism". Some of them are nationalizing the utilities and kicking out foreign oil companies in favor of the newly nationalized Orinoco state oil company. The move towards more communal projects and the abolishment of presidential term limits also are at the top of his agenda.

With the US inability to democratize Cuba, destroy the FARC in Columbia, and now the fall of Venezuela, the fourth largest oil supplier to America, Communism has begun to make a larger headway in South America now then it ever did during the Cold War.

This begs us to ask the question of whether America really won the Cold War or did the Soviets just fake a collapse as part of their long range plan to spread the Revolution. I'll let you decide.


Blogger TRex said...

I wrote a comment on this over on CombatEffective. Your article is a lot more detailed, but I still wonder if maybe he is the best that country can do.

I also wrote somewhere (but can't find it now, that I think the USSR didn't allow their collapse on purpose, but once it was inevitable, they seemed to make the best of it and position themselves to rise again from the ashes. Hopefully neither the Baathists of Irac nor the KGB old guard will be a success at coming back to life.


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